Family-Friendly Prices

Rhyme & Reason Online offers two program options: 

Option 1:  Our regular program meets via Skype, three times per week for 35 minutes.   Students in our regular program work in pairs.  Tuition is $55 per week, plus the cost of books and workbooks.  (We offer a buyback program for the books.) This program offers 43 percent more instruction time per dollar than our leading competitor. 

Option 2:  For families on tighter budgets, we offer an alternative program.  In this program, we team up with the parent to assist the child in completing our program.  Students in this program meet via Skype for private lessons with the teacher, once weekly for 25 minutes.  The teacher reads with the student and conducts an assessment.  Then the teacher meets with the parent for 10 minutes and assigns lessons for the week.  The teacher provides coaching and guidance to assist the parent in completing the required assignments with his/her child.  Working together, parent and child are able to complete the same curriculum as students in our regular program.  Tuition for this program is $36 per week, plus the cost of books and workbooks.  

Occasionally we have a student who wishes to enroll in our regular program but for whom pairing with another student is not immediately possible, either because the student has special learning needs that make pairing difficult, or because we don't immediately have another child who is at the same reading level and available to partner with that student.  In such cases, we will work with the parent to negotiate a private instruction rate.

Is Rhyme & Reason Online worth the cost?  Raising a child today is very expensive.  It can be difficult to determine which programs and activities are worth it.  However, ensuring that your child learns to read is an investment we are certain you will never regret.   When weighed against the alternatives (e.g. enrolling your child in private school) Rhyme & Reason Online is truly a bargain.  For a fraction of the cost of private school, we are going to do our best to ensure that your child becomes a confident, enthusiastic reader, regardless of any special learning needs. 

Special Offer:  FIRST TWO LESSONS - FREE! If you are not certain whether Rhyme & Reason Online would work for your child but would like to give it a try, please contact us today to request a FREE SCREENING, and be sure to mention this special offer.

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