Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rhyme & Reason Online work?

Children who enroll in Rhyme & Reason Online meet with one of our licensed teachers via Skype, three times per week, for 35 minutes. Students in the Skype program also receive one homework assignment each week, which they are required to complete either independently or with the help of a parent.

Rhyme & Reason Online is available to students who are behind in reading and are looking to catch up, as well as for children who are reading on grade level and just want to continue to grow as readers. The program is open to children in elementary school. Each student is paired with one other student at the same level.

Rhyme & Reason Online allows your child to participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home, anywhere in the United States.

If interested in our online program, we'll work with you to design a schedule that meets your needs.

Can my child learn to read on Skype?

Yes. We will complete exactly the same curriculum with your child online, via Skype, that we would do in a regular school. We will do the very same phonics drills, reading and writing exercises, via Skype, that we would do with students in person.

Where will he/she do the program?

In your home! You will not be required to drive your child anywhere for Rhyme & Reason Online. He/she will be able to participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Instead of chauffeuring your child to and from lessons, sitting in traffic wasting precious time, or having to wait in your car for our lessons to be over, you can be doing laundry, making dinner, or just kicking back and relaxing while your child learns to read!

My child has trouble paying attention in class. How will he/she be able to stay focused during Skype lessons?

Your child is growing up in the Age of the Internet. Chances are, he/she already has considerable experience working with a computer. Some children are actually more comfortable working with computers than they are with people!

However, your child will not need any special computer skills in order to participate in Rhyme & Reason Online. Nor will he/she need to have perfect attention. Students in our online program simply need to be able to sit at a desk or table in front of a computer, with headphones on, and follow the teacher's instructions.

You can help your child focus by choosing a quiet room for your child to work in, and minimizing distractions. He/she should not be able to hear a television, radio, or the sound of other people talking in the background during our lessons. Nor should family members be walking in and out of the room in the midst of Skype instruction. Parents or guardians are welcome to remain in the room during our lessons; however, they should be seated off-camera and should refrain from talking or otherwise engaging in distracting behaviors.

You can further help your child make the most of our Skype lessons by ensuring that he/she gets plenty of rest each night and also eats a balanced, protein-rich diet each day. Meals that are full of sugar and carbs can make it more difficult for students to concentrate during the regular school day as well as during supplemental instruction.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Students participating in Rhyme & Reason Online need a desktop or laptop computer with a camera, a Skype account, and headphones. Your child's computer will need to be plugged into your router box throughout our lessons. We do not work with students on wireless connections, because they are not able to provide us with the kind of fast, consistent connection that we need to properly execute our Skype program. Students in Rhyme & Reason Online also need a whiteboard with dry-erase markers and two sharpened pencils with good erasers. Your child should be seated at a table or desk (regular-size, not child-size), not on a couch.

Will I need to sit with or near my child while he/she participates in Skype lessons?

No. However, Educore Learning will be providing instruction-only during these lessons. We are not able to supervise your child via Skype. A responsible adult will need to remain in the home at all times during your child's Skype lessons. That adult must be available throughout our lessons in the event that your child requires assistance of any kind.

What else do I need to do to help my child be successful in this program?

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we ask that you minimize distractions in the room that you select for your child's participation in our Skype lessons. Even small noises can be amplified by the computer during Skype lessons. Kitchens and family rooms, therefore, are not good locations for participating in Rhyme & Reason Online.

If you enroll your child in Rhyme & Reason Online, we will work with you to create an effective Skype Work Station in your home and help ensure that your child makes the most of Skype instruction.

What if my child is sick or has another commitment at the same time as our lesson? Can we schedule a make-up?

If your child must miss a lesson, please check with the teacher to find out what your child will be missing. You will be asked to complete the missed lesson with your child on your own. Because our teachers' work schedules are very tight, and because our Skype lessons are scheduled with students in pairs, we generally are not able to schedule individual make-up lessons.