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December 9, 2018

When Computers Take Over the Classroom

Are your children developing an addiction to computer programs at school? How many hours of their school day do they spend interacting with a computer rather than a human being? What are the long-term consequences – intellectually, socially, and emotionally – of young children receiving so much of their instruction via computer programs? Are they actually learning anything?

Parents and educators alike are beginning to ask these fundamental questions as we enter the brave new world of “personalized learning.”

Unlike Rhyme & Reason Online, which uses modern technology to connect licensed teachers with students in their home, personalized learning cuts the live teacher out of the equation altogether. Teachers instead give children computer assignments to complete on their own. Teachers choose the assignments and are in the room as students are working, but students may have little interaction with either their teachers or their peers, sometimes for hours on end. If a child doesn't understand a concept, he or she may spend long stretches of the day staring at the screen without learning anything. Young children often are especially reluctant to ask questions, no matter how confused they are, if they are not continually encouraged to do so, something most computer programs do not do.

As personalized learning is adopted in school districts across the country, the implications of this largely untested concept could be profound.

Read more about it in this month's issue of The Atlantic.…/…/screen-time-backlash/567934/
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