Our Student-Friendly Approach


In addition to our wonderful curriculum and teachers, Rhyme & Reason Online continually strives to infuse a sense of fun throughout the program, with poems, simple games, sticker charts and the opportunity to earn small prizes for full participation.  Students are also invited to enjoy "Crazy Hat Day" and "Stuffed Animal Day."  In addition, family pets are welcome to sit in on our lessons, as long as they don't distract us. 


By paring each student on Skype with one other student at the same level, Rhyme & Reason Online offers children a chance to learn in a safe, supportive environment. In this way, we maximize student participation and ensure that each child receives plenty of timely feedback from the teacher. In Rhyme & Reason Online, children are engaged with their teacher continually throughout each lesson. If independence is not yet your child's strength, this will not be a hindrance to learning in our program.