Many children today are being left behind by commonly accepted teaching methods that encourage children to look at the picture and guess at words they don't know rather than learning to sound them out. Watch this brief six-minute video for an overview of Rhyme & Reason Online and see how we are different.

About Rhyme & Reason Online

Rhyme & Reason Online is an innovative program, open to all elementary school-age children in the U.S., that blends scientifically based, old-school phonics with new-school technology to create a uniquely effective reading program that truly works for all kids.

We offer a wonderful curriculum for children who are reading on grade level and want to strengthen their reading skills, as well as for children who are behind in reading and are looking to catch up.

Participating families give high marks to our state-of-the-art program.  Our students meet in pairs with a licensed teacher via Skype video conferencing, for 35 minutes three times per week, on a schedule that works for them.  Lessons include:

  • Fluency Practice
  • Comprehension Exercises
  • Pattern & Sight Word Drills

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Our Fabulous Curriculum

A great reading program begins with a fabulous curriculum. Students and teachers alike have high praise for the colorful, engaging series of children's books and workbooks chosen for Rhyme & Reason Online.

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Our First Rate Teachers

A fabulous curriculum is a great beginning, but it's still just a beginning. No reading program can truly succeed without first-rate teachers...

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Our Student-Friendly Approach

Rhyme & Reason Online knows that many children struggle in the early stages of reading. Some who are struggling may begin to dread reading instruction. Our program is designed to be effective with even the most reluctant readers.

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Educore pupil
Students enjoying "Crazy Hat Day" at Rhyme & Reason Online.

Our Family-Friendly Prices

At Rhyme & Reason Online, we know that repetition is critical to learning new skills. Once-weekly tutoring is not going to turn a struggling reader into a success story. We've designed a program that is both economical and effective.

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A Rainbow Connection

By Lisa Lewis - Founder

In the summer of 2015, our program enjoyed its first real growth spurt.  We celebrated our students' hard work on the evening of August 20, with a ceremony at our flagship community's school library in Virginia.  Mother Nature decided to join us in our celebration. Shortly before parents and kids gathered,  dark clouds rolled into town and threatened to delay our celebration, if not cancel it altogether. Then came the heavy rain. We worried our families would not want to venture out into the storm, but they were undeterred. We gathered as planned.

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Educore pupil
Students gather to celebrate their success.